Velling Koller Camping

The campsite at Velling Koller is actually the newest in Denmark.The history of the place is more than 100 years old, but the campsite area itself, which is well sheltered by the edge of the wood, and the sanitary facilities, are from 2006.

It gives a lovely combination of the whirr of the wings of history, and the comfort and functionality of the present time.

Our central location is the perfect starting point for visits to  LEGOLAND for example.
The outdoor communal areas with the playground, the restaurant, the terrace and not least the many animal pens, are all the way back from the heydays of the Fairytale Park. A great effort has been made here with the planting, which combined with the unique old buildings makes an ambience with a difference.


VELLING KOLLER Campingplads og Vandrehjem  *  Velling Koller Vej 4   *  DK-8654 Bryrup   *    Tel.  +45 75 75 62 04